Concert Band practices:

To further prepare for our festival performance next week, we will rehearse before school on Thursday, April 18.  We will also rehearse at noon on Thursday, April 18 from 12:00-12:30 pm.  The lunch time rehearsal will focus on Grease and Glee.

Next week, we will rehearse on Thursday, April 25 at our regular rehearsal time before we depart for our trip.


2019 Trip Deposits/Raffle Tickets/2020 Trip Response

Please bring in your 2019 New Glasgow trip deposit by Dec. 3.  The deposit it $100 and non refundable. This will be the final date to bring in the money.  The tour company requires a deposit in order to book events.

All Gift Tree Raffle tickets and money must be returned by Friday, Nov.30.  All unsold tickets must be returned as well otherwise the student is responsible for these tickets. Mr. Clayton will be available at noon to take in tickets and money.

Please send in the Whistler 2020 response form by Monday, Dec.3.