Band Policy


Bluefield Band Policy: updated Sept.2019

Please read the following carefully. Fill out the agreement form and return by Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019.


Everyone will give their best effort on any given day.

We are a team. Team members will be asked to contribute to the success of the band.  They will also be challenged to move out of their comfort zones.

The inherent musical expression in the music will be the overall goal.

Bluefield will contribute to the community.


Bluefield Concert Band:  This is an extra curricular band.  It will be our festival and touring band.  Students in this group will be permitted to travel with the group.  It will be made up of students from Grades 10, 11, and 12. No audition is necessary.

Bluefield Jazz Band:  This is an extra curricular band. Students must be a member of the Bluefield Concert Band to participate in this band.  This band will perform at concerts, festivals and on tour.

I strongly encourage all music students to be a part of the extra curricular bands.  There are many musical and personal benefits.   

Students must be registered for Music 421, 521 or 621 to participate in the extra curricular bands.  Only extra curricular bands will participate in music festivals and trips. All bands, including class ensembles, will participate in the school concerts.  

Rehearsal Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7:40 arrival, set up and individual warm ups

7:55-8:50  full band rehearsal

Bluefield Concert Band  Jazz Band Bluefield Concert Band Jazz Band
Sectionals and rehearsals

12:00 – 12:30

Sectionals: Extra Help Sectionals:  
Band room if open. Student lead ensembles Student lead ensembles Student lead ensembles Student lead ensembles Student lead ensembles


Sectional rehearsals

Band students are expected to attend  sectional practices that are arranged by the section leader.  These sectionals are lead by section leaders. I will be selecting section leaders within the first month of school.  Section leaders are chosen based on their musical skill, leadership ability, and dependability. If you are interested in this position, please see Mrs. Blanchard to put your name forward.

Band Student Leadership Positions

We will have leadership positions to help with the many tasks within the band program.  Please sign up on the excel sheet Leadership Positions!!

Music Librarians:  one or two students for each ensemble.  This person must love being organized! They typically have a neat and tidy work space.  They understand the sequential nature of things. This job requires a little bit of time throughout the year but mainly after band members pass in their music.  This person would sort music, photocopy extra music, and get parts for players.

Gear jockeys:  This group of students would set up and tear down for our concerts with the help of the other band members.   They would also play an essential role on our band trips. These people don’t mind doing physical work. They have good spatial management skills.  They can also work as a team. They would also set up for the early morning rehearsals. This will be a group of 6-8 students. They will select a leader for the group to oversee all concert set up and tear down.

Section leaders:  There will be one student from each section chosen as a section leader.  This person is an excellent musician, has very good leadership skills, is confident, reliable, and well organized.  The leader must be able to attend all sectional practices. The leader must inform Mrs. Blanchard of students who are missing sectional practices.  The leader works to keep the section accountable for learning their music.

Advertising: This person(s) will advertise our concerts throughout the school, in the community, and through social media.

Rehearsal Attendance

Attendance and punctuality are vital to the success of the band program.  Students are expected to attend all practices and to be on time! If a student is absent or late for 2 rehearsals for any reason, unexcused or excused, Mrs. Blanchard will contact home.  If necessary, the student may be asked not to perform in the upcoming concert.  This will be determined on an individual basis. If possible, please arrange appointments so you can avoid band rehearsals.  


Band Uniform

Band uniforms are an important part of being a musician.  We must dress appropriately for the concert experiences. Students are expected to wear the band sweater, white shirt with a collar, black dress pants (no bare ankles), black shoes, and black socks.  Please arrange to have these items ready by the end of September.  Students are not permitted to wear athletic clothing which includes yoga pants, sneakers, and sports socks.  Sandals are not permitted as well.  

New band sweaters will be $40.00.  I will be ordering them very soon.  

Accessories Fee

The fee is $15 which includes all reeds, oils, cleaning cloths, rods, folders, local bussing, clinics, and black tie (as needed). 

Instrument usage

Students are given an PSB owned instrument to use throughout the year.  It is important that students maintain the instrument so that it remains in excellent working condition.  Proper handling and regular cleaning/oiling is essential. The student is responsible for all costs associated with damage to the instrument due to negligence and accidents.  For example, if the slides on a brass instrument are stuck by the end of the year, then the student will pay for the cost to repair the instrument because they have been negligent in the care and maintenance of the instrument.  Likewise, if the corks are not regularly greased on a clarinet, the cork will become dry and crack. In this case, the student will be charged for the repair costs. Another example is that if a student leaves their instrument on the floor and someone steps on it, the owner will pay for the cost of repairing the instrument.  So, please keep up with regular maintenance on the instruments and be careful when handling the instrument.

Also, all players have top of the line mouthpieces.  If a mouthpiece is broken, the student will be expected to pay the full cost to replace the mouthpiece.  

Woodwind Mouthpieces:

Clarinet VanDoren B45:  $100.00     Alto Saxophone Selmer C*: $175.00 

Tenor Saxophone Selmer C*: $195.00             Baritone Saxophone Selmer C*: $215.00

Bass Clarinet Vandoren B45: $175.00

Brass Mouthpieces:   Trumpet: $75.00     French Horn: $65.00

Trombone/Euphonium: $83.00                        Tuba: $105.00

Furthermore, students are not permitted to lend their school issued instrument to anyoneIf a student forgets their instrument for class or rehearsal, they are not permitted to use someone else’s instrument from the shelf.  Please let Mrs. Blanchard know if you have forgotten your instrument. 



As much notice as possible will be given for concerts and festivals.  I expect students to arrange work schedules, home work assignments etc. so that they can participate in the concerts.  Please inform Mrs. Blanchard as soon as you can if the concert is in conflict with another activity. We will try to work out a solution.  If an emergency arises on the day of the concert, please contact Mrs. Blanchard by phone 675-7480 or by email . I also expect all students to remain at the concert for the duration of the concert.  

A tentative schedule is as follows:  (Concert times are 7 pm unless otherwise noted)

Bluefield Family of Schools Concert:  late Oct., date TBA 

Remembrance Day Assembly: Thursday, Nov.7, 10:30 am

Christmas Concert:  Thursday, Dec. 5, 2019

PEI Band Days: March 3-4, 2020

Spring Concert: Thursday, May 7, 2020

Band Trip: April 17-18, 2020

Graduation Exercises:  TBA 2020

Band Trip

I believe that off island trips are valuable musical, cultural, and social experiences for the students at Bluefield.  Students gain performance experience in different settings, develop their leadership skills, and form lifetime memories.  It is important to have full participation or close to full participation when going on these trips as they are performance based trips!  Students performing with the Bluefield Concert Band are expected to make every effort to participate in the band trips. We prepare long hours as an ensemble and we count on the contributions of each person’s sound to the overall sound of the band.  Whether we go on a trip this year will be determined by the amount of interest.

Bluefield Band Parents Committee (BBPC)

We will be establishing a Bluefield Band Parents Committee to assist in the operations of the band program.  Some tasks include uniforms, gear transportation, making contacts with concert venues, collecting fees, trip planning, concert greeters, chaperones.

Fundraising Committee

I realize that some families would like to fundraise to help defray the cost of the trips.  We have a successful Bluefield Band Christmas Craft Fair set for November 1st and 2nd that will help with the cost of the trips.   The Craft Fair Committee needs volunteers to help with this event. A small portion of all funds raised will be set aside to lower the trip cost for everyone and families will have the opportunity to raise funds individually.  PLEASE NOTE: ALL STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO WORK AT THE CRAFT FAIR FOR A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME.


I am super excited about the upcoming year and I believe with everyone working together we can achieve great things! 

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at 675-7480 ext.226 or at

Thank you for your support,


Christine Blanchard


Fees: Please make cheques payable to Bluefield High School.  

Due Thursday, Sept.26

Accessories Fee : $15.00  

Canoe Cove Retreat: $30.00  


The fees for the uniform and band t shirt will be collectedOnce they have been designed and ordered.

New Band Sweater:  $40.00

Band t shirt: $15.00