Canoe Cove Concert Band Retreat

Canoe Cove Band Retreat 2019

Thursday, Oct.3

3:30 or so Pack Cube Van.

4:15 PM Bus departs Bluefield.

4:30-5:00 PM Arrival and set up the band EVERYONE HELPS, Find your bunk! Set up your stuff!

5:00-5:30 PM Ice Breaker #1:Kaitlyn MacNeill, Ahnais Young  Snack table clean up:  flutes

5:30-6:15 PM Supper: Supper table clean up: clarinets 

6:15- 7:45PM Rehearsal #1

7:45-8:30 PM Section Challenge: Karly and Eve  Snack table clean up: alto saxophones

8:30-9:30  PM SoPA visit and performance and clinic

9:45-10:45 PM Bonfire (weather dependent) and Games: Just Dance: Kaitlyn, Hannah.  Board Games: Donovan

10:45-11:30 PM Snack, get ready for room check and freetime  Snack table clean up: tenor saxophones

11:30 PM Room Check


Friday, Oct.4

7:45-8:45 AM Breakfast: breakfast table clean up: trumpets

8:45-9:45 AM Rehearsal #2

9:45-10:10 AM Ice Breaker #2:Emma and Ella     Snack table clean up: low brass and low ww 

10:15-11:00 AM Chair yoga: Judy Archibald  

11:15-12:15 AM Sectional practice

12:15-1:00 PM Lunch and free time  Pack up your bunk and belongings. Lunch table clean up: percussion

1:00-1:45 PM Rehearsal #3: 

1:45-2:15 PM Goal setting for the year!                Clean up:  trombones


2:40 PM Depart 

3:00 PM Everyone help UNLOAD the van at school.

3:20 PM Go home on your regular bus.




Bluefield High School Music Department

Canoe Cove Band Retreat 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I am very pleased to be able to offer the Canoe Cove Band Retreat for the students again this year!  With the help of our student organizers we are preparing another fantastic event for our band students. 

The purpose of this event is to provide a time and place for students to rehearse, to get to know one another, to decide on our band goals for the year, to provide an opportunity for students to take on leadership roles, and to rehearse in sectionals. 

I am really excited that the students of the School of Performing Arts are performing for us again.  Also, the professors from UPEI will be giving sectional clinics. In addition to the musical performances, we will have a yoga session to help us focus on a relaxed yet alert body while performing. In addition to all this we will have amazing meals prepared by a professional chef!!

Here are the details:

Location:  Canoe Cove Christian Camp, Canoe Cove, PEI

Time: Students will be bussed to Canoe Cove after school Thursday, Oct.3 and bussed back to Bluefield by 3:00 pm on Friday, Oct.4.  They will then take their regular bus home.

Included:  Meals: supper on Thursday, breakfast and lunch Friday. Accomodations, overnight security and plenty of activities!!

Cost:  $30.00

What to bring: warm and comfortable clothes, band instrument and music, a great attitude, sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries, a snack for the sharing table (students should pair up for this)

Please note:  All camp and school rules apply.  There is no smoking, drugs, alcohol or weapons allowed on the camp property.  Parents chaperones will be at the camp and the camp managers will be present as well.

Please fill out the medical information form along with any dietary restrictions.


Please sign and return the permission form and medical information form by Thursday, Sept.26

If your son/daughter will not be sleeping overnight, he/she is encouraged to attend the rest of the retreat. Parents are asked to sign out students if they are leaving the camp.


Student Name:_________________________________________

Parent Name:__________________________________________

Thanks for your support!


Christine Blanchard and the Canoe Cove leadership team from the Bluefield Concert Band.