Christmas Craft Fair 2018

Dear Parents,

I am writing this letter on behalf of the Bluefield Band Christmas Craft Fair Committee:


Each year during the craft fair, a canteen serves a variety of food and beverages.  This year, the committee is focusing on chili! It was a big seller last year!! It even sold out on the first night!

They are asking parents to contribute the ingredients for the chili.  They need the following items to be brought to the school no later than Nov.29th.  Please bring the items to the Inclusive Ed. Department.

Here is a list of required items:

Cans of kidney beans

Cans of tomatoes

Spaghetti sauce

Green peppers


Chili Spices

Gift Card Tree Raffle:  This is a very successful fundraiser where students sell tickets on a Gift Card Tree. Here are the details:

Prize is $500 worth of gift cards

Tickets are 1 for $2 or  3 for $5

Students earn all the money they raise selling their tickets:  sell $50 worth of tickets $50 is added to that students name.

All ticket money is to be passed in and all unsold tickets are to be passed in.

A parent will be at the school at scheduled times at lunch to collect ticket money, add funds to that students name and pass out more tickets if requested.

Draw date is at the Christmas Band concert December 6 2018

Thank you to all who helped with the Christmas Craft Fair this year!

The Bluefield Music Department Christmas Craft Fair  is the evening of Friday, November 2 (5:30-9:00) and during the day on Saturday, November 3 2016 (10:00- 5:00).

The Organizing Committee thanks all the parents who volunteered to help organize this event!  We still need someone to take on Advertising and Signage.   Please come to the organizing meeting on Monday, Sept.24 at 6:30 pm  in the Room 151.


  At Bluefield, we do one fundraising event: The Christmas Craft Fair which also includes a gift card tree raffle.  Please encourage your son/daughter to get involved with this event.  We will need many hands to “work” at the fair.  Each student is credited for the number of hours they work.  So, the more vendors, admission fees, and canteen sales, the more money each student will earn.  So, please promote the craft fair any way you can!  It has been a tremendous success in the past and we hope to continue this tradition!