Concert Schedule


As much notice as possible will be given for concerts and festivals.  I expect students to arrange work schedules, home work assignments etc. so that they can participate in the concerts.  Please inform Mrs. Blanchard as soon as you can if the concert is in conflict with another activity.  We will try to work out a solution.  If an emergency arises on the day of the concert, please contact Mrs. Blanchard by phone 675-7480 or by email . I also expect all students to remain at the concert for the duration of the concert.  

A tentative schedule is as follows:  (Concert times are 7 pm unless otherwise noted)

Bluefield Family of Schools Concert:  October 29th at Bluefield High School cafeteria

Remembrance Day Assembly: Tuesday, Nov.6, 2018 10:30 am

Christmas Craft Fair and Farm Market:  Friday, Nov. 2- Saturday, Nov.3.  2018

Christmas Concert:  Thursday, Dec. 6, 2017

PEI Band Days: to be determined

Spring Concert: Thursday, May 9, 2018

Band Trip: Third week in May

Graduation Exercises:  TBD