PEI Senior High Honors Band

Unfortunately, PEI Honours Band will not be taking place this year.  We expect to have an Honours Band in place for 2020.


PEI Senior High Honors Band  

Thursday, Nov.29 – Saturday, Dec.1, 2018


Thursday, Nov.29 at Colonel Gray High School

6:00 pm Meet and Greet!  Colonel Gray High School band room.

6:15-9:00 pm Session 1:  Rehearsal. Break to be determined by the director.


Friday, Nov.30 at Colonel Gray High School

9-10:15 am Session 2: brief ice breaker (Will McKinnon) and rehearsal

10:15-10:30 am Break:  Light snack will be provided. Cafeteria service is also available.

10:30-11:40 am Session 3:  rehearsal

11:40-12:30 Lunch:  STUDENTS ARE TO BRING THEIR OWN LUNCH. Cafeteria service available.

12:30-12:50 pm Ice Breaker activity (Phoebe and Carter)

12:50-1:52 pm Session 4: rehearsal

1:52-2:02 pm Break:  Light snack will be provided.

2:02-3:20  pm Session 5: rehearsal

3:20-4:15 pm Sectionals

4:15-5:00 pm Supper:  Pizza and a beverage will be provided.

5:00-7:00 pm Session 6: rehearsal

7:00 pm Depart for the day!



Saturday, Dec.1 at Charlottetown Rural High School

8:45 am Arrive and set up.

9:00-12:00 pm Session 7:  rehearsal. Break determined by the director. Ice breaker activity will happen at the time of the break.


12:45- 1:10 pm Session 8: rehearsal

1:30 pm Concert at Charlottetown Rural High School in the cafeteria.




Dear Potential Honours Band Student:


Congratulations! You are being considered as a potential member of the 2018 PEI Senior High Honours Band.  Please be aware, there may be a chance that you will not be chosen to participate in the band due to restrictions in the size of the group and the percentage of students that your school may send.  However, it is quite a privilege even to be considered by your teacher as a member of this group!!!


In any case, your teacher must know if you are willing and able to participate in all aspects of the Honours Band before he/she attends the selection meeting on Oct.4, 2018.


Here are the details to help you make your decision about whether you can put your name forward for Honours Band:


1.You must be able to attend all sectionals, rehearsals, and the concert. Please complete the information letter and sign the statement of commitment along with your parents agreeing to full attendance.

  1. The sectional date will be during a school day from 9:30am to 3:00 pm. The date is Thursday,Oct.18, 2018.  Brass will be at Ch’town Rural. Woodwinds and Percussion will be at Colonel Gray.  We ask that you arrange your own transportation and bring your own lunch.

3.The Honors Band weekend is Thursday, Nov. 29 – Saturday, Dec.1, 2018.  The outside times for rehearsals are 6:00 pm Thursday to 5 pm Saturday.   A more detailed schedule will follow.

  1. Rehearsals will take place at Colonel Gray High School and concert will take place at Charlottetown Rural High School
  2. You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the rehearsals.
  3. You are expected to learn your music before you arrive at the sectionals and the weekend. (Your band teacher will help you if you have difficulty)

7.The cost of the weekend is $50.00.

We look forward to having you in the band!

PEI Senior High Honours Band Committee

Christine Blanchard, Chair

PEI Senior High Honours Band




Registration and Statement of Commitment


Name: ______________________________________________


School: ______________________________________________


Grade: ______________________________________________


Instrument: __________________________________________


T Shirt Size:      XS S M L XL                    Male Female


Emergency Contact Information:

Name: __________________________________________

Phone Number: ___________________________________


Name: __________________________________________

Phone Number:____________________________________


Statement of Commitment:


For the success of the band and because our rehearsal time is so compressed, it is important that you commit to all the sectionals and rehearsals.  Please consider any other commitments such as work or concerts and ensure that you can attend all rehearsals before you say “ yes” to the Honors Band.


I agree to attend all the sectionals and the rehearsals.   This means that I will be on time and stay until the end of the rehearsals.


Student’s Signature Name:_____________________________________________


Parent’s Signature: __________________________________________________


Student Name: _________________________________________

School: _______________________________________________


Dietary Restrictions:


Allergies: ______________________________________________________


Dairy Free: __________ yes/no


Gluten Free:  _________ yes/no


Vegetarian: __________ yes/no